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Traditions and Follies; My Experiment with Carmel Popcorn

18 Jan

popcorn mom

See that ghastly amount of popcorn? I made that! With the help of my mother, I spent an afternoon trying to create some danged traditions for my own family. I always had carmel popcorn for Christmas growing up….every year. My mother always made a perfectly scrumptious batch that we would scarf down and have some left over for friends and family. This was something I always associated with Christmas and my children were going to have the same wonderful tradition as I had.

After hours of toil, my kids came home from school to find the table covered in deliciousness. I built up the moment in my head. Their eyes would twinkle, their smiles would be priceless. When they walked into the room they were mildly impressed. They ate the popcorn. They liked the popcorn. But it cerainly wasn’t magical popcorn. They didn’t suddenly have a better Christmas because I made carmel popcorn.

I think we working moms have it in our heads that we are always a step behind our stay at home sisters. We have it in our heads that working is damaging our kids and they will never have the wonderful childhood that their peers with SAHMs have. We end up making unrealistic expectations that really don’t matter. Like somehow an extra large helping of popcorn will take away the sting of having to work holidays.

I propose that we start pushing these thoughts of inadequacy to the far side of the moon. My kids had a great Christmas because my husband and I love them and spend time with them. I think that next year I might make popcorn again, in respectable quantities. And I will do it because its fun. If it doesn’t happen I won’t allow myself to go down the spiral of guilt and make it a bigger deal than it is. We need to be kind to ourselves and make traditions that don’t drive us crazy in the process. I hope that my schedule allows me to do those little extra things next year. But if not, my kids will still be OK. And if you are wondering, we polished off the entire batch of popcorn in approximately one week!


New Year’s Resolutions for the PA-C

1 Jan

New year pic

Initially my 2015 resolution was to make enough money to be able to update my blog. You know, be able to make it really techy and have relevant media to make my blog more readable. For instance, a 2015 graphic would have been nice.Then I thought, “Nah, that won’t really happen or make me any happier!” Resolutions are so tired! Throw away those boring resolutions that have been used in the past. Forget weight loss, organization, less of this, more of that. Here are 10 resolutions that will benefit you and your patients, guaranteed!

1. Commit to your continuing medical education. Stretch your brain this year and be reminded that it is fun to learn.

2. Stop prescribing narcotics for low back pain.

3. Vow to mentor one pre PA student. Start molding them before they are PAs and we all will benefit.

4. Evidence based medicine. Use those guidelines people!

5. Try to look at medicine in a new way this year. Think of healing, not bandaids.

6. Remember that every patient is important and has a story, and sometimes we are the only one that will hear it. Be a good listener

7. Be BOLD this year! Ask for that raise, that position, that extra donut in the break room. No one is going to offer it freely.

8. Schedule a real vacation, or staycation. We do no one any good if we don’t refill our tank.

9. Stop using antibiotics for URIs….for pete’s sake, how long has the medical profession been pounding this one in? This is the year of less antibiotic resistance.

10. Advocate for the PA profession! Be passionate, educate, and let’s try to get a stronger voice in the medical community. Happy 2015!

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