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Mustache Bleach….Check

19 Feb

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Do you remember the days when going on a trip was super exciting and all you had to worry about was a swimsuit and sunglasses? I recently attended an awesome conference in Hawaii called “High Risk Emergency Medicine”. This is the first time I have been away from my family IN. SIX. YEARS. Getting ready to travel was quite different after having three kids.

First of all, I had to get ready for the trip around working and taking care of the kids. Translation- I didn’t start packing until the day before. While my two older kids were at school I grabbed my 3 year old and headed to Target for the necessities. The necessities for a trip in my 30’s is so different from necessities in my 20’s. Swimsuit…check. Sunglasses…check. Mustache bleach….wait, what? When did I start needing this product? Apparently turning 30 meant that I lost some estrogen.

So with the necessities I head home and start to pack, get the kids from the bus stop, make dinner, and get the obligatory guilt trip out of the way. I took a shower to get ready for the big day and noted that my toe nails were still partially blue from my pedicure 3 months ago. Unfortunately I forgot nail polish remover so I scraped off the polish with a file. Stayin’ classy!

The morning I left I received three sloppy kisses and good-bye hugs. I got on the airplane and they put me in the back row next to the lavatories and I was terrified every time the toilet flushed. I thought the plane was blowing a hole in the side with each person that used the pot. This new found anxiety forced me to request a different seat. This has never happened before. Along with the growing mustache, I apparently developed a fear of flying in my 30’s.

I landed in Honolulu and was not disappointed. Although I met some lovely ladies from work who were also conference attendees, I opted to have my own room. In my head I envisioned glorious white robes, luxurious beds, and alone time that I rarely get. I liked being alone for about a minute. I am not kidding you, every hour the first night I woke up in a sweat. Even so, I managed to get myself to the EM conference. Usually my family comes with me to a conference, so it was nice to be able to just concentrate on the lectures. I learned so much about up and coming antibiotics, new ways to reduce a dislocated joint, intubation skills….it was a great conference. And I was very responsible and went to a lot of lectures. There was, of course, sun time, great food, fun people, snorkeling, etc. I have absolutely nothing to complain about. I would go back next year with no hesitation…as long as my family is tagging along.

Even with all of that activity, I was homesick. I thought I wanted a great escape, but it wasn’t as easy to be away as I thought. Even with my freshly bleached mustache, I still felt a little off. Leaving the kids and hubby at times is a good thing. They bonded in a different way and I think it is important for mamas to do something once in a while with just friends. But for me, 6 days was just too long. Am I absolutely crazy? How have you all felt when you went on a trip? Comment below and give traveling some traveling tips!


One Working Mom’s Struggle with Roasting a Stinkin’ Chicken

4 Feb


Sometimes ordering a pizza is underrated. We get so much information about diet and what to feed our kids that its overwhelming. Paleo, gluten-free, low-carb, vegan, organic, blah blah blah. We working mamas sometimes feel guilt about not keeping up with it all. I try not to let it get to me, but sometimes my lack of culinary skill, or time, makes me feel like I’m going to ruin my kids. Dramatic, I know. Let me tell you a little story about a chicken, and why ordering pizza for our sanity can be worth it.

I worked all weekend and was exhausted. The ER is a tidal wave that keeps on comin’ but it has been particularly eventful recently. I had the day off and was lazy for the morning. Then I had a brilliant idea! I will make a beautiful dinner for my beautiful family and they will rise up and call me blessed! Somewhere on facebook, or pinterest, or instagram I saw this article about putting a frozen chicken into the oven and it turning into a beautiful, golden skinned feast. As I am always up for a shortcut I thought that was ingenious.

The frozen bird came out of the freezer and I realized that my bird had all of its gross parts wrapped in a bag and tucked into the cavity. I know enough that it should probably be removed before putting it into the oven but it was basically cemented in there. The hot water from my faucet directly on the carcass didn’t seem to loosen it. I put it into the microwave (is anyone cringing yet?) and put it on defrost. Every couple minutes I would stick my fingers into the backside of the chicken to try to get those stupid innards out. Still no luck. The microwave kept turning the chicken and after 10 minutes I pulled it out. Bloody fluid all over my shirt and still unable to loosen the parts. The chicken was half cooked on the outside, but the inside was frozen solid. The little wings already looked crispy and the skin was kind of brownish and dried out. There was no way to rectify this bird. I literally spent over an hour trying to make my shortcut work.  The chicken was now going to make broth and that was about it.

Initially I was so frustrated!  How could this not work?  I was also a little embarrassed because I was lame and couldn’t cook a chicken.  Then I gave myself  a little grace and changed my shirt.

So is this a tale about not taking shortcuts? Or maybe its a lesson on not biting off more than you can chew. All I know is that we had pizza that night, and my kids thought that was pretty awesome. Have you ever had a shortcut go terribly wrong? Write about it in the comments section!

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