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The Art of Saying Nothing – PAs Connect

26 Mar

This is my latest blog on PAs connect.  I’m pretty happy with it! Will you show me some social media love and share? The Art of Saying Nothing – PAs Connect.


I’m Unapologizing!

17 Mar
His dedication has served him well

This stock photo makes me laugh…

For a long time I was always saying sorry.  I’m sorry to my coworkers because I work fewer shifts than many of them do.  I’m sorry to my supervisors because I can’t always make it to the meeting scheduled for 7 PM on a weeknight.  I’m sorry to my kid’s school because I can’t make it to the parent leadership meetings that are scheduled smack in the middle of the work day.  Well, you know what?  I’m taking it alllllll back!

We all make choices.  Everyday we decide where to invest our time, energy, and money.  I am CHOOSING to be a working mother.  I like to work, but guess what?  I like my kids, too.  And I am not going to apologize anymore about how I balance work and life.  I used to tell people that being a working parent is hard because you can’t be a great mom or a great employee.  That is a lie that many of us believed for a long time.

And here is why.  I am a damn good PA.  I work hard, I am smart, and I know how to collaborate with other healthcare professionals.  Time home with three girls has increased my management skillz (yes, with a “z”).  Multitasking?  Phfffff.   You don’t know multitasking until you meet a working parent.

I am excited to be at work.  Its a nice change of pace and the burnout that many people go through is less of a problem for me, because my kids force me to have balance.  Missing a few evening meetings does not make me less dedicated than other employees.  The work culture in America needs to change.  Let’s find some new criteria to judge whether a person is contributing positively to a company.  We need to support a good  work/life balance, because in the long run everyone benefits.

Not only am I a good PA, I am a great mom, too.  My kids are safe, healthy, and happy.  They are growing into fine young ladies, and there is no bias here 🙂  If you want to criticize me about not making it to the parent meeting because I am at work, go ahead.  You just lost a great volunteer.  Our schools and communities need to adjust to the fact that many homes now have two working parents.  Inclusion of working parents in the inner circle will increase their involvement, and what school program couldn’t use more adults?

So, join me in the unapologizing movement!  We do not need to apologize for having children and we don’t need to say sorry for having a career.  Live big, or go home.  Don’t apologize for doing what is best for you and your family.   I am going to write more about this on the AAPA blog called PAs Connect, but until then, enjoy your life, enjoy your career, enjoy your kiddos!

My Salute to the Ladies

8 Mar

Woman and Sun

“Women are leaders everywhere you look — from the CEO who runs a Fortune 500 company to the housewife who raises her children and heads her household. Our country was built by strong women, and we will continue to break down walls and defy stereotypes.” – Nancy Pelosi

Happy International Women’s Day!  I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge how far we, as a gender, have come.  Today we celebrate shattering glass ceilings, making incredible contributions, and still finding time to tuck babes into bed.  We are truly grabbing hold of our dreams and making them happen.

I see strong women who are demanding equality in the workplace, and still understand the importance of nurturing their children.  We have pushed back against the idea that you can’t be a good mom and a have a fulfilling career.  We also have trashed the idea that life doesn’t begin until you have a partner and kids.

I see women deciding their own destinies, making choices for themselves, and not being ashamed of confidence.  We are seeing more women in leadership positions, in government and cooperate settings.  Women raising children at home are starting to realize their indescribable worth and contribution to society.

The theme this year is “Make It Happen”.  In your life, what do you want to make happen?  Take a leap, or a tiny step towards your goal.  Do you want to get more education?  Do you want to start a business?  Do you want to develop your joys?  Make it happen!  Risk takes courage, but there is a huge, world-wide network of women out there rooting for you.

Although we are making huge strides for gender equality, lets remember that we have a long way to go.  We have not succeeded until every little girl has the opportunity to get an education, until child prostitution is eliminated, until every woman has the power to make her own decisions.

So, here is to us!  Kick your feet up today, have a glass of wine, and be content. We have worked hard and we can be proud of our accomplishments.  We need a bit of rest today because tomorrow we are conquering the world!

***If you are looking of ways to support other women in difficult situations take a look at The Soul Source Foundation.  This is a grassroots organization that is “working to empower disadvantaged women and children so that they might lead healthy lives and become thriving community members.”****

What School Doesn’t Teach You

2 Mar


Going to PA school is a full-time job. There are hours and hours of lectures that cover every body system and every possible thing that could go wrong. At times you start to believe that you have that rare genetic disorder that consists of frequent leg twitching and abnormal knuckle hair. Or maybe the lecturer covered abnormal moles and suddenly all of your “beauty marks” look like melanoma. At some point during the didactic year, you have to just ignore all the bad things that you might develop in your life or else you might become paralyzed. Just continue to drink from the fire hose and make it out alive to start practicing medicine. One thing that PA school did not prepare me for was family illness. There was not a single lecture entitled “How to Stand By a Loved One Who Gets Sick”, or “How to Walk Gracefully Along Side a Parent Who is Diagnosed With Cancer”.

Want to read more?  I guest posted today on Stories and Mischief.  Please click the link to read the rest of my story.

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