Me Vs. Christmas: The Tools

Yesterday I declared a state of war with Christmas. I will not except anything less than a perfect holiday and refuse to be that “working Mom” that can’t get it together. Call me delusional, call me overzealous, but I prefer “Mrs. Claus”. I’ve decided to share some of the weapons I gathered for the month of December and I share them with you below.


One cup limit, be damned! I will drink as much as necessary to keep my heart rate at a steady 108. Coffee will be my drink of choice in the AM and throughout the day. Sleep will be limited until December 26th so I need to make sure that my tank is fully loaded.


Calendar. This is usually blank, filled with doodles or three months behind. But not this month! I will be organized and keep this thing current. I will check nightly what is going on the next day, and I will get things arranged for those activities. ACK! Looking at this just reminded me that I have no childcare for the last 2 weeks of December. See?!? Killing it.

Wine. Check. Hot glue Gun. Check. Real Simple Magazine Holiday Edition. Check. Target Coupons. Check. Just as Coffee will be my fuel for day time, wine will be my fuel for night! Glue guns for all the sweet crafts and decorating I will be doing (note to self, must by glue). And of course my Target Coupons. This month I will not only be organized, but thrifty as well.

Do you think I have a chance?

Dear Reader, please send me good vibes. Love, Rachael.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Todd Carter says:

    Dear Rach,
    Is this “The War of Xmas” I keep hearing about?


    1. rocketdow says:

      Lol! No!


  2. says:

    Haha this is priceless! 🙂

    Sent from my iPhone



    1. rocketdow says:

      Glad to make you smile!


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