The Perfect Christmas

I know in the past I have written about how difficult it is to be a working parent. I encouraged everyone to have balance and to let go of perfection. For some reason, this Christmas, I am having a very hard time doing that. Instead of following my own advice, I plan on setting unrealistic expectorations for myself. 

I am going to go full throttle and take my Christmas game to the next level, and I invite you to watch as I self-implode. Yes, for the month of December I am going to be the craftiest, most organized, thoughtful, PA Mama around. I will bake, I will wrap, I will create cozy memories and then I will crash and burn.  

Why, you ask? Maybe it’s because there is a slight chance that it is possible. Maybe, even though unlikely, I can pull it off. I just want, for one month, to feel like I can get my shit together. Do you feel me?

The end of the story seems obvious because I’ve done this before, as you probably have too! Maybe this time the underdog will win. Maybe the Universe will look kindly at me and finally let me be the best mom and wife EVER while still killing it at my job. I plan to keep you updated on this journey through hosting dinner, sending Christmas cards and finding the perfect gift for my quirky kids, all while managing to see twenty patients with varied complaints during an Urgent Care shift.

Holiday Season, I’m gonna win this year!


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