Twinkle Lights

I never even considered the idea of putting up Christmas lights prior to yesterday. The absurdity of the idea was almost laughable. There was barely enough time with little ones to put up a tree and stockings and still make time to do the daily tasks of parenthood. Now my kids are a little older and I feel as though I can take on those extra tasks, like eating sitting down and showering regularly and putting up lights! Well, at least I thought I had time. Here was what yesterday looked like. 

So the lights went up. But I underestimated them. They were wily and uncooperative. Luckily my husband let me use his industrial stapler so I was able to muscle them into submission. They don’t resemble icicles. But while I was wrestling the lights some other things didn’t get done…

Compost bin did not get emptied. 

Recycling bins overflow

Mount Laundry is looking ever so majestic. 

So I will be playing a little catch up today. And my kids will probably be doing a few more chores than usual, but I’m ok with that. We all have to sacrifice for my great quest to create the perfect winter wonderland…which may end up smelling a little like my compost bin. 


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