It’s Showtime!

After weeks of preparation and planning it finally comes down to the last night. My last chance to conquer the Christmas Empire. Little did it know, I have a few secret weapons. 

Just because I don’t have a knack for decorating doesn’t mean I have to settle for subpar trimmings. I happen to have a mother that can take drab to glam in minutes. Take a look at my mantle.

Before my mother’s involvement…

After my mother’s involvement…

The presents are wrapped, the cookies are baked, the memories are waiting to be made. But even though I had high expectations for perfection, many blemishes emerged. Burnt caramel corn, Christmas cards that never made it to the mailbox, errands that I forgot to complete. It might look to some that I failed miserably in my quest to create a memorable Christmas in spite of the fact that I work and have three kids. But you would be wrong! I have one last secret weapon that will trump all my errors. Behold the best Christmas present ever!

Happy Holidays to everyone and I hope that your day is filled with beautiful imperfections and surprises 🙂 Peace to you all!


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