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  1. Yelena Kushmakova says:

    Hi Rachel,
    I’m interested in the boot camp. I was wondering what time it will start and end?
    Also, I just got my rejection letter from one of the schools I interviewed with. I’m not sure why I was rejected this time. Last year I was rejected because I didn’t complete all my prerequisites. This year I’m still waiting for the reply from the department why they rejected me. Here are my stats:
    Overall gpa 3 5
    Science gpa 3.7
    Healthcare experience over 6700 hours as ultrasound tech
    Volunteer over 400 hours
    PA shadowing over 30 hours.
    Recommendations from former employer,PA and two science professors.
    First interview with the director of the program had a really good feeling. Felt very comfortable.
    Second with two faculties. I felt intimated because I saw that they didn’t care what I was telling them about myself. I had a feeling that they weren’t listening. So when I came out I knew I will not make it. Also,the way I answered some questions. For example, they asked what one thing you would change about your application? I answered I would do more volunteering in the place for underserved population. Than I thought about it I should of say nothing and then list all the accomplishments that makes me a qualified candidate. Another question was what one thing might be a problem doing well in PA programs? I should of say nothing because I can multitasking, focus and be organized. And instead I said multitasking, however I think I will do fine because I always worked, went to school, took care of family and had time to volunteer. Also, when they asked me why you want to come to this school? I’m not sure how confident I answered this questions. I knew why but because I was so intimated I felt I was mumbling something and felt my voice shaking.
    So anyway this is my experience. So there is alot to work on.
    Another school I applied to I was put in hold pending interview until I score higher on my GRE.
    I took it twice and did worse the second time then 1st time. I prepared using Princeton review book gpr about 3 months. Also took practice tests on through ets website.
    So what can you recommend to prepare for GRE?
    Thank you for all that you do.


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