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10 Oct

I have no idea how they found time to do it, but these students made me giggle. They are obviously excited about the PA profession, and why not? Here are my top reasons for loving what I do, and why physician assistants rank in the Top 25 careers for 2014.

1. I get to be a detective everyday to find out what is wrong with people.

2. There are an endless amount of options for what type of practice setting I get involved with.

3. Mad cash, people. OK, so not like the top 1% but I feel that I can provide for my family and get to go on a few vacations too!

4. I heart my coworkers! I work with great nurses, techs, phlebotomists, pharmacists, NPs, MDs. There is mutual respect and we work as a team.

5. When I am done for the day, I go home and don’t think about reimbursement, RVUs, if the hospital is in the red…I’m not running a business, I’m taking care of people.

6. The PA profession is getting noticed and I spend less time explaining what I am to patients.

7. We are part of the answer to a growing healthcare crisis. Affordable, high-quality care.

8. PA schools pick out the cream of the crop, so we end up with a very talented group of people. Very few people just “fall” into this career. We end up with a bunch of passionate providers.

9. There are always new things to learn. New procedures, medications, diagnostic tools. I am always growing.

10. The final reason I love being a PA is that it is a stable career. I do not have any concern that tomorrow there won’t be a job for me. Why did you choose the PA career path? Comment below!

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